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Gelling sugars

- for quick and easy preparation of delicious home-made jams

With these products are obtained jams, which have:

  1. conserved sensorial fruit characteristics
  2. excellent consistency
  3. long-term durability


Želírovací cukr k přípravě klasických marmelád a džemů.

Package: bags per 500 g, 30 bags in a cardboard box

Gelling sugar Klasik

- for preparation of regular jams

Package: bags per 1 kg, 12 bags in a cardboard box


- mixture based on fructose for preparation of jams for diabetics

Package: bags per 600 g, 30 bags in a cardboard box


Raspberry jam

1 kg of raspberries
     1 kg of gelling sugar Klasik (one package)

Wash and press raspberries without peduncles and boil for 5 min. Then add the Gelling sugar Klasik piecewise, dissolve and boil for 2 min. Pour the hot jam into jars and close by lids.

Apricot jam for diabetics

1 kg of apricots
     0.6 kg of Diagel

Wash apricots, stone them and cut them into small pieces or press them (according to level of ripeness). Mix this prepared fruit with Diagel and boil it for 2 or 3 min since the start of boiling. Pour the hot jam into jars and immediately close by lids.

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