Hlavní stránka Hlavní stránka
Hlavní stránka Hlavní stránka

Scientific and technical information

The library of VUC Praha, a.s. (established in 1923) collects, classifies and makes available information for sugar industry and for sugar beet growers.

We subscribe 28 newspapers and journals. Zuckerindustrie, International Sugar Journal, Gazeta cukrownicza, Cukoripar, Sachar, Industria saccharifera Italiana are the most important of them. The library involves more than 15 000 volumes – books, bound journals, 2 200 research reviews, 1 800 bulletins and 450 business journey reports from abroad.

Database system CDS/ISIS with 46 500 records serves for searching and recording of information after 1954. It includes two basic databases:
                              1st database :
                                         - books and bound journals
                               2nd database:
                                         - articles from Czech and abroad journals, research
                                          reviews, business journey reports and bulletins

The part of information services is editing of the journal – Listy cukrovarnické a řepařské

We offer following services:

  1. searching of information from technical and scientific articles, books and research reviews
  2. lending of technical and scientific literature and journals
  3. retrievals working-out
  4. working-out of development technical, economical and marketing studies

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