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Machines, designes, PC control, technology, scientific information, expert journal LCaŘ, ...

High skills, rich practical experiences, old tradition and complexity of provided services make VUC Praha, a.s. a reliable partner for all customers. These customers are food factorices from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and other.

We offer you:

  1. Machines and equipment
  2. Design and engineering activities
  3. Technological works
  4. Educational activities
  5. Scientific and technical information
  6. Czech Sugar and Sugar Beet Journal

All the deliveries of machinery and equipment are realized in particular as "turn-key projects". It includes designs, manufacture and delivery of equipment, assembly, starting of operation and staff training. The guarantee tests are part of the deliveries. For our deliveries we provide service even after the guarantee period.

The equipment is supplied according to catalogue sheet for the supposed capacity or it is adjusted in some cases to measure (e.g. for reaction bodies with recommended time delay or when costumercs request).

Examples of delivered machinery and equipments: filters,reactors for juice purification, stone catcher LK, vacuum pan, barometric condenser, cube sugar productio lines, waste water treatment plants, fluid dryer, silo for loose material

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