Hlavní stránka Hlavní stránka
Hlavní stránka Hlavní stránka

Quick settler

The device is intended for sedimentation of the 1st carbonated juice.

When comparing with plate settler it has some advantages:

  1. the thickened suspension is separated well, the decantate is clear
  2. short delay time in apparatus, that influences the juice quality positive
  3. simple system with minimum fittings, just one engine and one turning arm, simple control and maintenance

The basic technical parameters:
          Beet processing: 2,000 - 5,000 t per day
          Minimal settling coefficient after agent dosing: 3.8 cm/min
          Quantity of thickened suspension: 50 - 55 % beet
          Dosing of agent: 3 - 5 ppm beet
          Diameter of quick settler: 7 – 9 m

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