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Waste water treatment plants

  1. Deliveries of industrial waste water treatment plants
  2. Deliveries of communal waste water treatment plants
  3. Deliveries of neutralization plants for food processing
  4. Deliveries of customer-built equipment, mainly setting tanks and their accessories
  5. Preparation works - offer of optimisation steps in the water system
  6. Projektové a konstrukční zpracování ČOV podle navržené technologie
  7. Offer of technology of waste water treatment and integration of the waste water treatment into water system of the factory
  8. Design and construction planning of the waste water treatment according to the offered technology
  9. Manufacture and assembly of the machinery and technological part including measuring and regulation system and electromotive installation
  10. Start of operation of waste water treatment plant, training and teaching of operators
  11. Elaborating of operation and running rules, analysis of trial operation
  12. Long-term technical and technological guarantees
  13. Guidance and consulting during all operating life of the waste water treatment plant