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Hlavní stránka Hlavní stránka

Re-construction of lime kilns

We deliver following technical modifications of a lime kiln to increase effectiveness:

  1. sorting and weighing of lime stone and coke
  2. mixing of lime stone and coke before filling in lime kiln
  3. patent divider with rolling reservoir
  4. stationary dividing equipment of the filling
  5. process control
  6. cooling and purification of carbonation gas

After modification we guarantee CO2 content in carbonation gas over 35 %, its temperature 100 °C and coke consumption max. 7.5 % of lime stone, the temperature of out-putting lime from the kiln max. 50 °C.

The part of realisation is full package of works incl. training of operators and adjusting of kiln behaviour according to laboratory analyses.

Legend to the picture: 1 – dosing device of lime stone with a separator, 2 - dosing device of coke with a separator, 3 – tensiometric balances, 4 – coke dosing device to a transporter, 5 – dosing transporter of filling to skip lift, 6 – skip lift, 7 – transporter of undersizes, 8 – guide plate, 9 – tensiometric balances of skip lift

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