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Hlavní stránka Hlavní stránka

Juice purification

We supply complete technology for juice purification or just separated bodies for daily beet capacity from 2,000 to 10,000 t. The size of bodies depends on the required time delay, which is followed every operation and used temperature. Therefore every equipment has got original constructive solution.

Every body can be equipped by complete instrumentation. We project also complete re-construction of juice purification line in the sugar factory; designed solving is delivered as “turn key” project or we realize just designing of linking. The line can by more effective through application of activation of carbonation sludge – see technology.

Delivered bodies:

  1. vertical pre-defecator
  2. defecators with plug flow (equipped with vertical tube barrier; plate reactor with or without stirrer),
  3. bodies of the 1st and 2nd carbonations with internal or external circulation (variants: parallel flow or backset)

The basic technical parameters:
          Lime consumption: 70 % input non-sugars
          Clear decantate from the 1st carbonation juice
          Minimal hardness and colour of thick juice

                               (installation of the external propeller)

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