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Filter equipments – filter presses, screen filters

Membrane and chamber filter

  1. For pressure separation of solid from liquid used in food, chemical and mining industry and water system, in sugar industry: for filtration of the thickened or un- thickened 1st carbonation juice and for filtration of dense sugar solutions (thick juice, melt liquor).
  2. The filtration runs in filter chambers created by pressing of filter plates sheeted of suitable filter cloth. Membrane and chamber plates are placed alternately when using membrane filters. The press-filter is equipped by PC control. High effective washing and drying of the filter cake.

The basic technical parameters:
          Plates 1300x1300 mm, 1200x1200 mm, 1000x1000 mm
                 - other size can be agreed with a costumer
          Material of plates: polypropylene
          Filter area: 100 - 200 m2
          Working temperature up 95 °C
          Finished filter pressure up 0,6 MPa
          Temperature of washing water 50 – 85 °C
          Air pressure for blowing 0,4 – 0,6 MPa, for membranes and control 0,7 MPa
          Dry matter of the filter cake by discharging 65 – 70 %
          Sugar losses less than 0,1 % per beet

Candle Filtr SF-64

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Screen filter CF - 160

  1. Separation of gross particles (e.g. rust particles) from liquids, e.g. in the sugar industry for filtration of thick juice or melt liqueur.
  2. The filter with stainless screen is equipped by PC control for fittings incl. automatic washing of the screen.

The basic technical parameters:
          Material: stainless steel
          Filter area: 1,6 m2
          Size of smallest caught particles: 50 - 100 µm.

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